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Daily Mile  


The daily mile concept is for every child to take part in a short, low intensity exercise to get the body and mind active and prepared for learning. The initiative will also see children benefit from a regular form of physical activity, stress the importance of being fit and healthy whilst helping to be more engaged and interactive within the classroom learning. 
Teachers and staff can choose when throughout the day the children achieve their activity. Whether that be in one go first thing in the morning, or is smaller spells within the day. 


DTF Fitness


DTF Fitness is a new program provided by the School Sport Partnership. The school receive attendance to a conference showcasing the program, an online scheme of work, a hard recourse and sports kit for a group of mini leaders. 

The two sides to the program are curriculum based lessons which are designed around circuit training and fitness challenges. The other side is a lunch time initiative to help engage more children at lunch. A hard resource is provided to help give mini leaders and midday supervisors activities and exercises for children to join in with. Included are games and challenges which help to develop and work on from the curriculum based side to the program. 


Physical Literacy

Why do we do physical literacy?

  • Core stability is generally developed by babies performing activities like crawling, tummy time and rolling over.
  • Strong core stability provides the basis for normal development. It requires strength in the:
    • Shoulder girdle muscles;
    • Pelvic girdle muscles;
    • Trunk – stomach & back muscles.
  • All these are necessary in order to develop not only gross motor skills but the fine motor control needed for writing and other fine motor skills such as cutting.
  • As we know not every child is given the opportunity to develop this core stability at the appropriate age.
  • Missing these key early development milestones can lead to a delay in overall development