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Sharks Y4

Year Four / Five Topics


In Year 4/ 5, we focus on a range of interesting and exciting topics.


In Autumn, we study the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings during history lessons.  We use the film and book of 'How to Train Your Dragon' to stimulate their writing. 


During Spring is our local  study.  This involves the early settlement of Ripley and then its growth during Victorian Times due to the mines and Butterley Iron Works.  We also explore the Pentrich Revolution.  The geography of the area is examined and map skills explored


In Summer, our focus is on Europe.  We become travel agents and try to foster an enthusiasm for travel and exploration within the continent.  Finally in the last term we shoot off into space.  This also is the term where we support Year 6 in their production.


Our main portal for communication is DOJO where you'll find work that you can do at home with your children.  Through the Portfolios the children can post photos of their work. Please feel free to chat with the Year 4/5 team at any point, particularly through the messaging system which is better during this present time with social distancing.



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Home Learning


Thankfully all children are back in school! 

- Your child can be supported at home by  using the links and guidance below. 

- If a class bubble needs to isolate for any reason work will be posted on DOJO as it was during lockdown. 

- If for some reason your own family has to self isolate then use the information below to keep active. 

- Remember that times tables, reading, spelling practise and MyMaths are main homework tasks.


Our timetable is below so if you want to keep to the routine of the day then you can do so.


Mon:    MATHS / BBC Supermovers / ENGLISH Spelling Grammar   / PE                  / PSHE

Tues:    MATHS / BBC Supermovers / ENGLISH Comprehension      / MUSIC           / FRENCH

Wed:    MATHS / BBC Supermovers / ENGLISH Writing                    / SCIENCE        / TOPIC

Thurs:  MATHS / BBC Supermovers / ENGLISH Writing                     / RE                 / COMPUTING

Fri:       MATHS / BBC Supermovers / ENGLISH Writing                     / ART & DT


Visit the following websites for further educational support:


READING - We suggest you read at least 3 times a week and continue to record this in your organiser alongside a short summary. This will still count towards any current reading challenges in school. If you were to do 10 minutes a day, your reading would continue to make good progress. Have a good search through the books you have at home and find examples that you think would be challenging. Don't forget that reading recipes and instructions for games are good chances for reading practice too. Other examples are comics, magazines, journals, newspapers and online blogs.


Inside the organiser, there are a small number of resources which can be used to help further develop the children's learning of shapes, spellings, times tables and many other things.


ebooks can also be accessed from home at


WRITING - Keep a daily diary, aiming to include your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Focus on the steps you have taken to keep active, entertain your family, how you have been keeping in touch with your friends and family, and what you are most enjoying about being at home.


Children in Ripley have always played games on the streets.  In your back garden play a game or play a game with cards and write the instruction for it e.g. hopscotch, snakes and ladders, snap etc.  Remember that you need to have the correct structure  (introduction about the origins of the game / resources required using bullet points / step by step numbered instructions - clear and using modal verbs)


For spelling practice, please see the Year 4/ 5  on DOJO



Engage with the ‘Lesson’ and ‘Homework’ sections of the activities set on the MyMaths website ( - remember the login is stjohnscofe.   If you need the password dojo me, but I've told the children. 

Times Table practice focusing on all times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 can still be completed on the TimesTables Rockstars website (

There is also a times table generator at that is particularly good at creating timetable sheets that mark themselves online.


SCIENCE - Use BBC bitesize as a way of exploring science topics and class clips.  

Years Themes in Order: Forces / Materials / Light / Electricity / Habitats / Animals and Humans / Space


HISTORY & GEOG - We are looking at Anglo Saxons and Vikings up until Christmas.  In Spring we explore Local History (Victorian Child, Pentrich Revolution) Our Environment and Map Work.  Finally in the Summer we travel around Europe.  All of these topics can be explored by using resources provided by the BBC.  In addition YouTube have fantastic resources.


PE - Walks and getting active is really important.  Activities in the garden and walks are a must if you are placed in a situation where you can't get into school.  At school itself we have challenges in this subject.  Skills of catching and throwing, bat and ball, dance, gymnastics and  athletics can all be done as an individual or in small groups.


MUSIC - Singing and music appreciation, through a variety of genres, is important, so please encourage these.


COMPUTING - Scratch computing activities are free and online and can be explored easily.  In addition use off websites to research the above topics and Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be used to present their understanding.


FRENCH - Simple conversational French about your family can easily be found on the BBC schools websites along with YouTube.


RE - Again the BBC has plenty of videos that help the children explore the variety of beliefs and their festivals.


ART & DT -  Drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, design and construction including junk modelling are all ways of encouraging development in this subject.