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The Arts

The Arts at St John's Primary and Nursery School


At St John’s we believe that the arts are a fundamental part of the curriculum and define the arts as music, dance, drama, art, photography and literature. We believe that the arts offer opportunities for the children to explore, express and communicate their feelings whilst gaining experiences of the wider world. Through experiencing the arts, children develop their creativity, social and emotional well-being, self-esteem and confidence.   


‘The arts are like your backbone. You may be  

able to survive without your backbone but  

what quality of life would you have?’  

Sir Simon Rattle  


All children have a weekly Arts lesson on a Friday afternoon which focuses on developing children’s practical knowledge of fundamental art skills (e.g. line work, shading), theoretical knowledge of different artists and pieces of art, and the differing styles of artwork (e.g. abstract, art deco.)  

Our year 6 arts ambassadors set shining examples to younger pupils, and take great pride in helping to develop and support other children in their arts journey.  

They play an important role in our termly ‘Arts on the Yard’ week. 


Arts on the Yard 

Arts on the Yard week is an Arts week led by our Year 6 arts ambassadors. Each lunchtime a variety of different arts activities are led by Year 6 across a variety of art mediums. At the end of the week the most popular art activity with then be run as a lunchtime club across the next half term. All activities are available for all children from Reception to Year 6 to access as they choose to.  

The autumn “Arts on the Yard” activities consisted of:  

  • An acting group with a play written and performed by our arts ambassador. After this was performed, other children were then invited to join in and supported to partake. 

  • A dance group who performed and then invited other children to join in. 

  • A film club 

  • A ‘How to draw’ club; arts ambassadors taught other children how to draw a variety of images.  

  • Photography with iPads