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🌈🐬🐳 Hello Year 1! 🐳🐬🌈
Today’s schedule: Thursday 7th May

💪🏻9:00 Choose a Wake and Shake activity

➕➖ 9:15 Maths

Jack Hartman Counting in 3’s or 4’s

White Rose Hub Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 4

📝10:00 RWI Set 2 speed sounds live streamed

️ 10:30 BREAK TIME

📝 11:00 Choose a creative writing prompt


1:00 History afternoon - Toys

Interview a family member about their favourite toys growing up

(Maybe you could Face time a grandparent or great grandparent)

How are their toys similar/different to yours?

Dojo us your findings … it could be written notes, pictures, photos, a video report, a poster.