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Year 5 Home and Extended learning support.


In order to aid learning at home, we are recommending that all pupils follow the guidance set out in lessons and through Class Dojo Portfolio Tasks at school as they move through Year 5 and 6. Learning can be supported by using the resources listed here. We are committed to ensuring your child is supported in their learning of the curriculum. Through your help at home, we hope that the pupils do not miss any critical information or learning in preparation for secondary school due to absence through illness or missing homework. If there are any problems or you would like further guidance with anything, please contact us via Class Dojo.

Keep up to date on the school and class pages on Class Dojo.

Stay healthy and stay happy - and thank you for visiting, reading and continuing with your education at home!

Mrs Smalley



In Year Five and Six we cover a wide range of themes to engage the pupils in their learning.


These are more age-related than in previous years and include topics such as: Rivers and Mountains, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, The Golden Age of Islam, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Anne Frank, WW2 timeline including Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain and D-Day and the movement of people in Europe including the Holocaust.

The more mature topics aim to reflect the Upper Key Stage 2 curriculum and explore the detail and depth of subject matter they will encounter at secondary school and thus give them a head start.


In English we study the following books in more detail across the year; Tom Sawyer; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The poems of Alfred Noyes; Good Night Mr Tom and Letters from the Lighthouse.

Year 5/6 Topics

RiversFantastical AdventuresWorld War II
Mountains Battle of BritainAnn Frank 


Home Learning


Should your child need to isolate at any point and you are waiting for work packs to be provided for your child, you can visit the following websites for further educational support: 



READING - We suggest you read at least 3 times a week and continue to record this in your organiser alongside a short summary. This will still count towards any current reading challenges in school. If you were to do 10 minutes a day, your reading would continue to make good progress. Have a good search through the books you have at home and find examples that you think would be challenging. Don't forget that reading recipes and instructions for games are good chances for reading practice too. Other examples are comics, magazines, journals, newspapers and online blogs.


Inside the organiser, there are a small number of resources which can be used to help further develop the children's learning of shapes, spellings, times tables and many other things.


WRITING - Keep a daily diary, aiming to include your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Focus on the steps you have taken to keep active, entertain your family, how you have been keeping in touch with your friends and family, and what you are most enjoying about being at home.


Write a fantasy story, thinking about your Lord of the Rings story to guide and structure. Where will your character take you? Who will they meet when they're there? What are the problems that they will have to solve? Once you have written it, you can then publish it by writing it out neatly or by printing it out and then illustrating it. Make a front and back cover and don't forget to write the author's name.


Write your own version of the sound collector poem, using all the different sounds found around your house. Remember to stick to the pattern of the poem. ( Find a copy on line or dojo me and I will send it you.


For spelling practice, look at the portfolio tasks set on dojo - you will find the most recent spelling lists there. You can do many different spelling activities such as Look, Cover, Write and Check, rainbow writing, forwards/sdrawkcab, making the words using magnetic letters, writing in chalk or paint - there are so many options. Once you have practiced your spellings, find the definition of the word in a dictionary and then use the spelling words in a sentence. 


MATHS – Engage with the ‘Lesson’ and ‘Homework’ sections of the activities set on the MyMaths website ( This includes re-visiting both sections of tasks already set in order to consolidate learning from earlier in the year, and completing recently-set tasks. Times Table practice focusing on all times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 can still be completed on the TimesTables Rockstars website ( Login in details for both TT Rockstars and My Maths can be found in the front of organisers - or get in touch on Class Dojo. 


SCIENCE - Make an information pack about a famous scientist or inventor, either from ancient history, modern history or even from the modern day.



Don't forget to stay active. It is really important that you exercise it keeps you mind and body well oiled. Skipping is an easy way to stay fit and doesn't require much room. . Look at the supermovers website for some fun exercise routines. 


Take some photographs of you doing work and dojo them to me. I look forward to seeing all your pictures. 


Stay healthy and stay happy!