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The nurture groups at St John’s offer a short term, inclusive, focused intervention for groups of up to 8 children.  Sessions are held across the academic year for Foundation and Key Stage 1 in the Busy Bee Group and Key Stage 2 pupils in the Astro Group.  Additionally, a group, called Grangenders, is run during the second summer term for Year 6 pupils, to aid them with transition to secondary school.


Nurture groups support pupils’ social and emotional development based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Pupils are able to fulfill their needs and fill any gaps in experiences that may be missing from early childhood.  As the children learn academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving. 


The groups are supported by two members of staff, Mrs Sarah Curzon and Mr James Stevenson, who provide a calm and consistent environment, always nurturing and supportive, using demonstration and role modelling, allowing the pupils to observe and begin to copy.


Pupils are able to develop their self-esteem and are given strategies to assist them to overcome barriers to learning and development, which they continue to use once they are back within the classroom full time.

Each nurture group session follows the same structure, starting with circle time, followed by work and make, first play, second play, snack time, relaxation/story time and finally celebration.  Each element of the session is planned to support the individual pupil’s needs, underpinned by activities to develop recognition of emotions, self-esteem and independence.


Need to talk to someone?


Sometimes it's easier to talk about a problem. That's why the NSPCC have set up there helpline, to answer any questions you or your child might have about staying safe online.


Whether you're after techy advice on things like:

  • information about an app or service in general
  • privacy setting on apps
  • parental controls on your wifi


Or want help with more personal matters such as:

  • how to stop online bullying
  • what to do about who your child's messaging
  • how to talk about sexting.

They're here to help.


Whatever you're worried about, big or small, give them a call on 0808 800 5002 for free, seven days a week. If your child's worried about you talking to us, you can call them together, and they'll reassure you both.