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Home Learning Ideas

I've added the class timetable to give you a little bit of structure if you feel you would like to use this. The timings in school and at home will be very different, but you may feel you would like to cover some of the same activity types across a day.


When we do 'In the moment planning' in Reception, this is when we aim to follow the children's interests more closely. These times and more at home, are a great chance for you to play with your child, let them lead you in their learning and allow them to be curious about the world around them. They might have a wonderful idea that you can help happen by allowing the time to be creative and explore and have fun together. This is a great time to try new things and be spontaneous and most of all have FUN. Example of this at school have included den building, baking, putting on music show, dressing up, going on a treasure hunt, all sparked by an interest from the child. We would love to hear about what you get up to together.


Here are some fab ideas for you to do at home:


Literacy: Reading

Please take a look at the Oxford Owl website, this has a page explaining how we teach phonics through 'Read Write Inc (RWI) with some ideas to support your child. Please also look at the Parent Workshop information section on our school website as I uploaded some helpful documents there after the meetings. You can access a range of e books on this website that will be suitable for your child.


Physical Development

In school, we use a website called  for lots of guided dancing, zumba, fitness and relaxation videos for the children to follow. We usually start our day with some of these videos that the children like to choose from. Families are able to access this website.


During the 'Daily Mile' part of our class timetable, we all enjoy running on the spot or around a small area to try and collectively reach a mile each day. The children like to follow runners on videos on the web or the fitness videos on go noodle. This would be a great time to let your child have a run in the garden. Why not time them and see if they can improve each day.


Follow Joe Wicks for a 30 minute session, starting daily at 9am, on Joe's You Tube channel.


To relax or to re focus during the day, the children in Reception love to do a little yoga. One of the websites we use is here... 


Please check the school website's PE and sport section for key information and ideas to keep active.







We suggest you read at least 3 times a week and continue to record this in your organiser. Remember that if you read at least 3 times a week every week you will get your Reading Rocket Badge! Also, we suggest that you share lots of stories at home with each other and encourage reading for pleasure.




We encourage all children to write as much as they can in lots of different ways. For example, get your child to label their drawings, write shopping lists, write stories together and create cards. Encourage your child to use their Fred Fingers when they are writing and to use their special school writing.




Maths is all around us which is fantastic! Discuss with your child the different shapes and numbers in their environment. Practise counting to 20 forwards and backwards, writing their numbers and even practically solving simple addition and subtraction problems. You can also look at the shapes around you, talk about their properties and make and re-create patterns. You can also do lots practical activities to encourage their maths skills such as cooking and making models. 


Here is the link to the Early Year White Rose Maths sessions for home


Ideas for Indoor Learning