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Home Learning work 


We have gathered together some very useful resources for your use at home whilst you are not able to attend school. 


READING - we suggest you read at least 3 times a week. If you were to do 10 minutes a day your reading would continue to make good progress. Have a good search through the books you have at home and find one that you think would be challenging. Don't forget reading recipes and instructions for games are good chances for reading practice too. Other examples are comics, magazines, journals, newspapers and online blogs.


WRITING - keep a daily diary, include your thoughts and feelings. Focus on the steps you have taken to keep active, entertain your family, how you have been keeping in touch with your friends and what you are most enjoying about being at home. 

Write an adventure story; think about your Mr Benn story and how he travelled to far away places in space and time. Where will your character take you? Who will they meet when they're there and what are the problems that they will have to solve? Once you have written it you can then publish it - write it out neatly or print it out on a printer then illustrate it. Make a front and back cover and don't forget to write the author's name.


MATHS - engage with the lessons, games and homework activities on the My Maths website. Practice your times tables on TT rock stars; you could have a family challenge. Follow the links below. 


SCIENCE - make an information pack about a famous scientist or inventor.


HISTORY - we have been looking at the Romans so see what you can find out about the Roman army and Roman daily life - school, family life, work and play.


ORGANISERS - Don't forget to keep recording your reading practice. Also you can find all of your spellings and times tables that you need to know. You might also like to learn the school prayer and the lord's prayer, check out which maths topics you need help with and write a reading summary. 



Spellings for Spring Term

Stay healthy and stay happy - and thank you for visiting, reading and continuing with your education during this challenging time!

This academic year, Year 3 and Year 4 children will research and investigate The Ancient Greeks (Autumn), The Ancient Romans (Spring) and Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest (Summer) through their enquiry-led, topic-themed history and geography lessons.


Their English lessons will make use of many cross-curricular opportunities that link with these areas, as will a number of their maths lessons.


In science, areas of the curriculum that will be covered consist of ElectricitySoundStates of MatterAnimals (including Humans)Animals and their Habitats and Famous Scientists and Inventors.


The children will enjoy learning how to play the violin in their wider-opportunity music lessons, whilst Year 4 children will also develop their swimming and water safety skills in weekly pool sessions at Ripley Leisure Centre.


Thank you for visiting the Year 4 information page. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us on ClassDojo or pop in and catch us at the end of the school day!


Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Hewitt-Richards and Miss Warner

Year 3/4 Topics

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Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Brazil and The Rainforest