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Y4 Tigers

Year 4 Topics


This academic year, Year 4 children will research and investigate The Ancient Greeks (Autumn), The Ancient Romans (Spring) and All around the world (Summer) through their enquiry-led, topic-themed history and geography lessons.


Their English lessons will make use of many cross-curricular opportunities that link with these areas, as will a number of their maths lessons.


In science, areas of the curriculum that will be covered consist of ElectricitySoundStates of MatterAnimals (including Humans)Animals and their Habitats and Famous Scientists and Inventors.


The children will enjoy learning how to play the violin in their wider-opportunity music lessons until Christmas.


Thank you for visiting the Year 4 information page. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us on ClassDojo or catch us at the end of the school day!


Mrs Warner, Miss Fox and Miss McConnachie


Year 4 Topics

Ancient GreeceAncient RomeAll Around the World


Additionally, please visit the following websites for further educational support:



READING - We suggest you read at least 3 times a week and continue to record this in your organiser alongside a short summary. This will still count towards any current reading challenges in school. If you were to do 10 minutes a day, your reading would continue to make good progress. Have a good search through the books you have at home and find examples that you think would be challenging. Don't forget that reading recipes and instructions for games are good chances for reading practice too. Other examples are comics, magazines, journals, newspapers and online blogs.


Inside the organiser, there are a small number of resources which can be used to help further develop the children's learning of shapes, spellings, times tables and many other things.


MATHS – Engage with the ‘Lesson’ and ‘Homework’ sections of the activities set on the MyMaths website ( This includes re-visiting both sections of tasks already set in order to consolidate learning from earlier in the year, and completing recently-set tasks focusing on area, perimeter, fractions and decimals. These are newer areas for the children and so it will be their first real engagement with them. Subsequently, they may find this work challenging so help may be required! I will be checking the MyMaths website regularly and awarding Pride Points and commenting on work when it is finished.


Times Table practice focusing on all times tables from 1x1 to 12x12 can still be completed on the TimesTables Rockstars website ( Times tables are really important in year 4 as at the end of the year there will be a national test.