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St John's CE Primary School

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Here at St-John's we aim to deliver an inspiring and engaging mathematics curriculum which enables children to be numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident mathematicians. We work really hard to engage children of all ages and abilities.


We are following the National Curriculum for Mathematics, which aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and recall and apply knowledge
  • Reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and using mathematical language
  • Can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems


We use White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning as a basis for our teaching and learning, and supplement this with a wide range of resources. For each year group the scheme of learning is split into terms, then into blocks of learning about a particular topic, from which individual lessons are planned and delivered.


Overview of Maths lessons at St-John's


Each lesson starts with '2 minutes counts'. This is so the children practise and develop their counting skills on a regular basis, which in turn helps them in other areas of maths e.g. times tables. We start off in Key stage 1 counting forwards and backwards in 1's, 2's 5's and 10's, progressing through KS2 to counting in fractions and decimals.


The lesson then moves into the teaching input which is delivered in a number of ways, through the use of ICT, whiteboard work, interactive games etc.


Children then have the time to work independently on the lesson objective to show their understanding, being supported by members of staff where needed.


The 'wave' approach is also sometimes used within maths lessons.


The lesson is then drawn together in the plenary, which is a chance for the pupils to demonstrate their understanding, for teachers to address any misconceptions and to look forward to future learning and skills.

Below you will find Progression Maps from NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) which illustrate progression in maths topics across Y1-Y6.

Maths at home


There are many ways you can support and encourage your child's maths journey at home. This can be as simple as counting the stairs as you ascend and descend them, spotting numbers and shapes in the environment, weighing and measuring when baking etc. If you want something more formal then White Rose Maths have some free workbooks which you can download from Amazon or from their website,


White Rose- Maths with Michael- support for parents helping their child with maths

White Rose have  teamed up with TV presenter, teacher and parent Michael Underwood to bring you a mini-series called Maths with Michael. There is a series of videos you can watch with supporting guidance you can download.


Children in years 1-6 all have a 'MyMaths' login and password. Teachers set homework on this for the children to complete at home. This can be done on any device that has internet access. There are games etc that can be accessed even when not set for homework.


Children in years 2-6 will also have login details for Times Tables Rockstars. This is so they can practise their times tables and earn (virtual) coins at the same time.