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Y5 Seals

Welcome to Year 5


This year we have some really exciting topics to explore.  They will be historical, geographical and scientific.  The English themes will be woven within these to bring real meaning and depth to the work that the children will be exploring

Autumn One

Anglo-Saxons:  We will be going back in time 1600 years ago to when the Romans left and the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded.  We will explore how they settled across the country and in our area.  We will look at the story of Beowulf, land use and place names along with trade.  The begins of Christianity and its mixture with pagan traditions will be explored, with Sutton Hoe as a focus.  We will even try to create an authentic Anglo-Saxon meal in design technology.

Autumn Two

Vikings then began invading, so in chronological order we will follow the events in their timeline.  We will begin the topic with a visit from a historical expert.  We will explore the battles that shaped the forming of England and the first King.  In writing we will use 'How to Train Your Dragon' as a fun way of encouraging imaginative writing and art work.

Spring One and Two

This term we are focusing on map work and skills, with a particular emphasis on OS maps.  The children will look at their local area both within geography and history.  As Ripley grew mainly in Victorian times, we will examine how the local environment changed as the industrial revolution made an impact.  Jobs for children and schooling will culminate in a visit to Cromford Mills.

Summer One

Let's take a trip into Europe!  This topic will look at city breaks within Europe and the places and sites that they may wish to explore when they get older.  Authors, composers and artists from Europe will allow the children to examine how stories, music and paintings that are in our culture were produced.  In computing websites will be investigated.

Summer Two

Off into space!  Linking with the science curriculum the children will examine movies that involve space and the morals that lie within - Home, Monsters vs Aliens and Wall-E will be the stimulus across the curriculum.  It is hoped that we will also visit the Space Centre in Leicester.


Maths follows the new White Rose themes.  These are set out below.  The children also do a daily ten and multiplication tables session to support this. 



Here are six simple things you can do at home to really boost your child's learning.

1.  Hear them read every night and sign their organiser - this will give them the chance to earn rocket reader badges too!

2. Practise their spellings - their weekly pattern and the common spellings.  There will be a Spelling Bee competition too so don't forget those.  (all the spellings for the year are in the booklet sent on dojo)

3. Practise multiplication tables - verbally and use internet programmes such as TTRS, Multiplication Speed Test and Hit the Button!  They will be challenged ever Friday on their fluency and efficiency and they will definitely need them this year and in the future.

4.  MyMaths will be set in blocks at the end of each maths topic as seen above.  

5. Topic homework should be fun and bring you as a family together.  Each term there are several tasks you can have a go at.

6.  As they are probably becoming more independent on devices please keep a dialogue open and know what they are doing online.  It can be a place where incidents occur and they may leave themselves vulnerable.