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School Clubs

At St Johns we provide a wide range of sporting activities in PE and through extra curricular activities. Using the school funding we are able to access the coaching that the Amber Valley School Sports Partnership (AVSSP) provides which will allow us to deliver high quality PE lessons as well as accessing a more diverse range of sports and opportunities.


In PE and extra curricular activities students will be taught a wide range of sports such as:

  • Striking and Fielding (Cricket and Rounders)  
  • Invasion games (E.g. Basketball, Football, Netball, Tag Rugby)
  • Health Related Fitness and Dodgeball
  • Net Games (E.g. Tennis and Badminton)
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Archery  
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics 
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities 



Extra curricular Clubs


Extra-Curricular Clubs


After-school (Aut 1- Summer 2)


Variety of indoor games

(Led by Mr Grice)

Aut 1: Athletics

Aut 2: Handball/Dance

Spring 1: Dodgeball Futsall

Spring 2: Gymnastics

Summer 1: Football/Tennis

Summer 2: Archery & Cricket & Orienteering




Variety of indoor games


Variety of indoor games


Variety of indoor games

Competitions (AVSSP)





(Led by Mrs Radford)

Spring 1: Netball


(Led by Sports Leaders)

Spring 2: Multi Sports



Junior Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders is an extra curricular activity which takes place at lunch time which enables students to learn new games and different activities that can be played on the playground. Sports leadership gives children the opportunity to learn leadership skills and manage different activities at lunch time, as well as giving children more confidence and understanding of PE and sport.


This year our Sports Leaders will have attended Leaders conferences that have developed their knowledge of fitness and healthy lifestyle, team building and leadership. They share their skills and knowledge with the whole school during sports week and will run an after-school club, under the supervision of the PE Lead, in Spring 2 for the first time!