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IT & Computing



The computer age is changing the lives of everyone. Through teaching computing, use of the internet and use of software we equip children to participate in a rapidly-changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to understand and explore how computers work and the language that is used to program them.  Children find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. They also focus on developing the skills necessary to be able to use social media in a positive and effective way. Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners who can communicate effectively and safely in this ever growing and changing environment.


Aims and Objectives

At St John’s the aims of Computing are to enable children:

  • to develop computing capability in finding, selecting and using information;
  • to use computers for effective and appropriate communication;
  • to monitor and control events both real and imaginary;
  • to apply hardware and software to creative and appropriate uses of information;
  • to apply their computing skills and knowledge to their learning in other areas;
  • to use their computing skills to develop their language and communication skills;
  • to explore their attitudes towards computing and its value to them and society in general. For example, to learn about issues of security, confidentiality and accuracy
  • to give the children skills in programming and control and an understanding of the language that is associated with it.
  • To be SMART in an online world and aware of safety and how information can mislead.



At St John’s the aims of Computing are to equip children with the skills necessary to use technology to become independent learners, so the teaching style that we adopt is as active and practical as possible. At times we do give children direct instruction on how to use hardware or software in ‘skills’ lessons but also we use computing to support teaching across the curriculum.  As the children have grown up in a technological environment, teachers are also expected to allow them to ‘hijack’ or ‘redirect’ lessons as they discover and explore the boundaries of the software or programming tool.  Children are often independent collaborative learners in this area of the curriculum and this is not stifled by the curriculum or the lesson plans of the teacher, who is often a guide and facilitator for their learning.  Digital leaders and IVengers are chosen from classes as they are often ones to extend the activities further beyond the lesson and are challenged with the task of leading the school forward in computing as a whole group.

We recognise that all classes have children with widely differing computing abilities. This is especially true when some children have access to equipment at home, while others do not. We provide suitable learning opportunities for all children by matching the challenge of the task to the ability.


Computing curriculum planning

St John’s uses a computing scheme of work and teachers follow its themes and guidance.  However, this is simply the backbone of the planning and is developed according to the developing software, teacher’s experience and children’s ideas.  We have a computer suite where most lessons take place.  However, to broaden their experience and the vary the platforms we can use, we also have two sets of iPads and a set of Laptops.  This ensures a breadth of coverage and helps in ensuring the cross-curricular element of IT is taught.

An online safety half term plan is also part of each year groups scheme of work.  Each full term also has a  day where the whole school examines SMART themes.


                    Overview of the Curriculum

    EYFS: Children explore computer technology through directed play via online

    learning sites, programmable toys and use of programs which engage the children

    across their early years curriculum.   

Year 1                                       Year 2                                  Year 3                                

Word Processing                       Turtle                                  Logo & Scratch                  

Computer Skills                         Art                                      Word Processing

Paint                                          Logo & Scratch                    Drawing

Programming Toys                     Presentation                         Research & Communication

Scratch Junior                         The internet                         Presentation

Online Safety                            Online Safety                      Online Safety


Year 4                                       Year 5                                  Year 6

Scratch Quizzes                       Scratch Games                     Scratch Animated Story

Word Processing                       Flowol Programming              Spreadsheets

Programming Turtle                  Audacity Recording               Kodu

Animation - Pivot                      Webpage Design                    Film Making

Online Safety                           3 D Modelling                        Online Safety

                                                 Online Safety

         All year groups have a using and applying thread through them

                 which links into further cross curricular elements.


Children progress through the school with growing skills in computer programming through a range of software and also have the ability use both Microsoft and IOS platforms across the curriculum.  Children acquire the skills to use computers competently to support their education, but also provide the systematic, analytical and problem-solving skills of computer programming at a Primary School level. 

With continual reinforcement of online etiquette and safety we promote an understanding of their responsibility in the online world, but also a knowledge that protects them from the dangers that they could face.  St John’s believes that online safety is a parent and school collaboration with the child at the center.  We aim to foster an environment where the child is able to talk openly to both parties about their online experience.


Curriculum Overview Assessment and Progression